6 x 30’
UK Premiere 8.30pm Thursdays 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, 31st and 7th February 2019 on ITV1

The Cruise is back and setting sail with the newest and most luxurious ship in the fleet. Majestic Princess is on her maiden voyage from Shanghai to Sydney visiting Asia’s megacities and stunning scenery in New Zealand and Australia. But it won’t be plain sailing. It’s typhoon season and with tense navigational challenges and three and a half thousand cruisers expecting the very best, the crew will be working around the clock to try to feed and entertain their guests and deliver the holiday of a lifetime.

Executive Producers: Alicia Kerr and Paul Hamann
Series Producer: Colin Rothbart
Producer/Director: Sam Barnes
Edit Producers: Sara Woodford, Sarah Knight
Editors: Drew Hill, David Atkinson, Jamal Frederic
Narrated by: Anthony Head
Distribution title: The Cruise: Shanghai to Sydney
Distributed by: TCB Media Rights as 60’ durations

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