3 x 60'
UK Premiere 9pm Wednesday 18th, 25th March and 1st April 2015 on BBC One

Valued at over £4 billion a year, the fast food industry is big business and even bigger controversy… With its globally recognised but fiercely protected recipe for fried chicken, KFC is one of the brands that has divided public opinion. Love it or hate it, the fact is very little is known about what goes on behind the scenes. Now for the first time KFC exclusively throws open its doors in a tell-all documentary series.

This rich character-driven, fast-moving series takes viewers into the heart of the company and into the hearts of its loyal and disloyal customers and reveals why we have become addicted to fried chicken and chips…

The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop beds-in with the KFC brand; from the boardroom to the kitchen and reveals the truth about the company that we all think we know…

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann
Series Produced and Directed by: Stephen Finnigan
Producer Director: Damian O’Mahony
Editors: Gwyn Jones, Jason Savage
DV Director: Beki Wood
Assistant Producer: Katy McClellan
Narrated by: Ralf Little
Distributed by: ITV Studios Global Entertainment
Distribution Title: Inside KFC: The Billion Dollar Chicken Shop

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