1 x 60’
UK Premiere 9pm, 13th December 2012 on ITV1

Retirement is usually a time to take things easy and enjoy a well-earned rest, but more pensioners are committing crime and being arrested than ever before.

In the last twenty years the number of over 60s doing time for a criminal offence has trebled, in part because sentences are becoming harsher and longer. They’re now the fastest growing group inside British jails. While some senior citizens are turning to crime in retirement, what do career criminals do when they hit pensionable age? And what is it like doing time in your autumn years?

Growing old disgracefully, meet the old-age drug dealers, brothel keepers and con artists…

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann
Producer/Director: Kim Duke
Camera: Richard Rankin, Spencer Franks & Jerry Kelly
Editor: Simon Battersby
Composer: Mark Sayer-Wade
Narrator: Zoë Wanamaker
Distributed by: ITV Studios Global Entertainment
Distribution Title: Pensioners Behaving Badly

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