1 x 60’
UK Premiere 10.35pm 1st March 2012 on ITV1

What would you do if your dad dropped the bombshell that he wanted to be a woman? There are an estimated 6,000 transsexuals in the UK. Many are married and have children. Yet there are no self-help manuals for wives and kids when the man of the house starts wearing dresses, make-up and heels. There’s speech therapy to feminise the voice, electrolysis to get rid of unwanted body hair and the irreversible surgery that will change their sex forever.

My Dad is a Woman gains intimate access to the lives of two families, in which a father becomes the woman he’s always wanted to be.

Executive Producers: Paul Hamann & Emma Goddard
Filmed, produced & directed by: Kim Duke
Editor: Frank Burgess
Composer: Justin Nichols
Narrator: Richard Armitage
Distributed by: TBC Media Rights
Distribution Title:Our Lives: My Dad is a Woman

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