UK Premiere 7pm, 26th July 2015 on ITV1

In Meet the Penguins, we join Adrian Walls, Head of Birds at the renowned London Zoo, on the journey of a lifetime.

With incredible close up access to the wild Humboldt penguins of Peru, Adrian is on a mission to help nurture one of nature’s most charismatic species.

Travelling from Peru’s capital Lima to the coastal deserts in the South he witnesses the everyday perils the penguins face.  Getting caught in a bird storm of 250,000 cormorants, hatching eggs surrounded by predators, dodging hungry seals and climbing perilous cliffs to reach their nesting grounds; these wonderful birds live a thrilling and dangerous life. Agile swimmers, surprisingly good climbers and wonderfully endearing to watch – this compelling film is a love letter to penguins from one of Britain’s leading bird experts…

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann
Produced By: Alicia Kerr
Director: Paul Glynn
Editor: Simon Battersby
Narrated by: Hugh Bonneville
Distributed by: ITV Studios Global Entertainment 
Distribution Title: The Zoo: Meet the Penguins

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