1 x 60’
Series 2
UK Premiere 9pm 5th April 2012 on ITV1

Fraud Squad lifts the lid on the organised crime gangs making millions from cash machine crime. With exclusive access to The Dedicated Cheque and Plastic Crime Unit, Fraud Squad reveals how the gangs use a vast array of sophisticated equipment to steal customers’ bank account details.

One nationality has a monopoly on the trade, the equipment and the rewards. 92% of ATM crime in Britain is committed by Romanian gangs. Fraud Squad trails detectives as they tackle the Romanian gangs and uncover a working ‘ATM factory’ in which one gang had stolen over 4,000 account details, worth over £2 million.

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann
Series Producer: Tom Anstiss
Producer/Director: Will West
Editors: Frank Burgess & James Calderwood
Director of Photography: Steve Organ
Composer: Ernie Wood
Narrator: Richard Armitage
Distributed by: TBC Media Rights

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