1 x 50’
UK Premiere 10.35pm 24th January 2012 on BBC One

American Pit Bull Terriers have been bred as fighting dogs since the 19th century.  Following a spate of horrific attacks on humans they were banned in Britain in 1991 but their numbers have continued to rise as their popularity as a status symbol grows.

Some attacks have proved fatal, among them 4 year old John Paul Massey’s. As the dangerous dog laws face increasing criticism, Death Row Dogs gains unprecedented access into the work of a police dangerous dog unit trying to stem this growing menace, and to the grieving family of John Paul Massey.

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann
Filmed, produced & directed by: Jon Alwen
Producer: Josie Besbrode
Editor: Paul Dosaj
Director of Photography: Steve Organ
Composer: Andy Cowton
Narrator: Steven Mackintosh
Distributed by: DCD Rights

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