UK Premiere 10.45pm, Tuesday 24th March 2015 on BBC1

Cuts to public spending mean there are now far less police on the streets. Conversely, the public’s obsession with security is on the rise. Over 7000 private security firms in the UK are stepping in to fill the gap – and business is booming. People are terrified by threats – some real, some imagined – and are willing to pay big bucks for everything from bodyguards to cutting-edge security equipment. Using a mix of CCTV footage, point of view narratives from security personnel and moving testimonies from victims, Call Security gets to grips with one of modern society’s fastest growing industries…

“Policing’s moved on, you don’t get the bobbies on the streets, you haven’t got the police boxes and the men running around with whistles anymore, but from our point of view, we are boots on the ground, twenty four hours a day, and we’re eyes and ears as well.”
Dave Jordan, Owner, Proforce 1 Security

“My main concern is for my wife and daughter… It’s a cost that unfortunately you have to grin and bear…I think it’s a necessity that everyone should have. You should be able to secure your castle as they say, and you want to feel safe in it.”
Jonathan Groman, Homeowner

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann
Filmed and Directed by: Richard Wyllie
Producer: Eloise King
Editor: Richard Fretwell
Narrated by: Maxine Peake
Distributed by: ITV Studios Global Entertainment 
Distribution Title: Call Security!

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